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Moby Dick and More

By Bidsquare

May 05,2015 | 10:55 EDT

For those collectors of a more literary bent Leslie Hindman Auctioneers’ Fine Books and Manuscripts sale offers a plethora of mouthwatering options. Set down for Thursday, May 7, this auction offers over 400 lots and includes letters, sheet music, first editions, manuscripts and more by history’s leading lights in literature, music, politics and beyond.

Lot 304 is sure to cause a stir – a first American edition, first issue binding of Herman Melville’s iconic Moby Dick; or, the Whale. This book is a true literary classic, a work to which every English Lit Major in the country seems indelibly bound. They love it or hate, idolize or loathe it, want to bow to it or burn it. Whatever your take is, there’s no questioning its place in the annals of literature.

Historical architectural works are always popular with bidders and Lot 215 should prove no exception. An 18th Century first edition of Colin Campbell’s Vitruvius Brittannicus containing plans, elevations and sections of public and private buildings of the period. This was the first architectural work to originate in England for nearly 200 years and is known for its focus on the architectural merit rather than physical location.

Two letters from Abraham Lincoln are in the sale. Both are signed and both were sent to Judges. Lot 103, postmarked Springfield, September 6, 1849, was sent to Judge W.A. Minshall indicating that he has received his last letter and has declined the political appointment Minshall suggested. Poor Judge Minshall - blanked by Abe down through the ages...

The sale contains more then just documents. Lot 118 is an exquisite work by legendary American ornithologist, naturalist and painter John James Audubon. An engraving with etching, aquatint and hand-coloring, it comes from the 1836 publication, The Birds of America, widely considered the definitive work in its field.

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