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On and Off Screen: Patrick Swayzes Estate at Auction

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Apr 12,2017 | 14:35 EDT

There are two places I would have wanted to run into him, a dance floor or a rodeo...preferably the dance floor at a rodeo...and it wouldn't have to be in the context of a movie set either. The late Patrick Swayze, a multi-talented actor, dancer, singer and Egyptian Arabian horse breeder, was the real deal - on and off screen. Originally from Houston, Texas, Swayze's early passions for dancing, which started at his mothers dance school, and his admiration for nature via an authentic Cowboy lifestyle, would synergistically propel him into some of his most memorable roles. He side-stepped into our hearts as an impassioned dance instructor in Dirty Dancing (1987) changed the pottery wheel forever as the lovesick spirit in Ghost (1990) and knocked us out by righteously brawling with ruffians as a Midwestern bar bouncer in Road House (1989). 

This month, Bidsquare is honored to host Julien's Auctions, Property from the Estate of Patrick Swayze and Hollywood Legends on April 28th which will include an impressive assortment of movie memorabilia, furnishings from his beloved California ranch house as well as personal apparel, jewelry, works of art, automobiles and musical instruments from Hollywoods own "Lover Boy," (cue the music please). 

Lot 126, Patrick Swayze’s - Dirty Dancing and Tiger Warsaw Leather Jacket; Estimate $4,000 - $6,000

When it comes to leather jackets - this one is kind of a big deal. It not only reeks of 1980s coolness but it also gives you permission to state, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," without sounding cliché. Easily spotted in various clips from both movies, Dirty Dancing (1987) and Tiger Warsaw (1988) this rare and important fashion hide is expected to be a real showstopper. 

Lot 138, Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore Inscribed Ghost Keychain; Estimate; $1,000 - $2,000

"Molly, you in danger girl," warned the saucy psychic (Whoopi Goldberg) who reluctantly received messages from Molly Jensens' (Demi Moore) recently murdered boyfriend in the two time Oscar winning fantasy/drama Ghost (1990). Swayze's brilliant performance as Sam Wheat, a determined spirit lingering between waking life and death to save his girlfriend from being killed, solidified his celebrity status. This spooky silver keychain was given as a gift by Demi to Patrick before the release of the movie and is thoughtfully inscribed on the back, "To Patrick, Ghost, July-Dec 1989, Love Demi," - a nostalgic totem for any devoted fan. 

Lot 2, Patrick Swayze, Polychrome Branch Table; Estimate $300 - $500

As seen in several interior photographs of his beloved California estate known as Rancho Bizzaro, this multicolored side table once stood in the sunlit atrium of Patrick Swayze and Lisa Nemis Southwestern style atrium. A unique juxtaposition of materials and design, this accent piece would have perfectly complimented Swayze's earthy ideology and vibrant personality. 

Lot 28, Patrick Swayze, Percussion Instruments; Estimate $200 - $400

Considering joining a drum circle? Wait until youve nabbed this particular set of instruments before you go. So what if nobody believes you when you proclaim their provenance? (We defiantly have your back!) This lot features a Tahitian toere drum with stand and mallet, a pair of Australian aboriginal clapsticks, a pair of Cuban claves, a Native American style hand drum with double-ended mallet and a large 29-inch-diameter double-sided Native American pow-wow drum, previously seen hanging in the ranch. Thats plenty of percussion to choose from for your drumming debut!


Lot 134, Patrick Swayze, Road Hours Training T-Shirts and Book; Estimate $600 - $800

Stop wishing you could fight off a bar full of beer guzzling goons and start learning how! Pick up this copy of Training and Fighting Skills, written by Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, the fighter who trained Patrick Swayze for his role as Dalton in Road House (1989). The pair of black tank tops are also directly from the Urquidezs martial arts studio and probably earned their vintage look the hard way. 

Lot 175, Patrick Swayze, 1986-Harley Davidson Motorcycle; Estimate $8,000 - $10,000

Like I said before, Patrick Swayze was the real deal - on and off screen. Let the vintage rebel in you out! Hop on a few hundred pounds of rattling road power in the form of this 1986, Harley Davidson, complete with the original seat, back rack, and windshield; and a braided black leather "getback" whip. Just to show everyone who the king/queen of the road truly is, the bike includes a color photograph of Patrick Swayze sitting on this majestic slice of freedom. 

Lot 72, Patrick Swayze, Personalized Boots; Estimate $600 - $800

My "dance floor at the rodeo," fantasy just wouldnt be complete without these alligator skin, cowboy boots, monogrammed with the initials PS, somewhere in the mix. Patrick Swayzes childhood gigs at the rodeo first exposed him to horse riding but that was nothing compared to the connection he fostered later in life when breeding Egyptian Arabian's of his own. He once said, "...Their beauty. I like the form of the head, the proud trot, the harmonious physique. Everything fits together and is in accord. There is a natural balance in everything. I am a dancer, and I can tell when a body is made with function in mind. A healthy Arabian is built for function! And that fascinates me." Not a far cry from how one feels watching Swayze move in Dirty Dancing (1987).

Every true rider has their special boots and every dancer their tap shoes - Patrick Swayze beautifully filled both. 

Theres alot more from where these selections came from!

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