On The Square

Ready, Aim Fire!

By Bidsquare

Aug 07,2015 | 09:55 EDT

People have been collecting weapons since men first starting throwing spears in anger. Whether captivated by their historical significance or their streamlined beauty, it is a market that continues to attract a healthy bidding public.

Which brings us to Cowan’s Auctions’ two-day Firearms and Accoutrements sale, set down for Thursday, August 13, and Friday, August 14. Featuring over 1400 lots covering many of history’s most landmark confrontations, the sale includes an excellent selection of fresh-to-the-market rifles, pistols, accoutrements, collectibles and more.

What better place to start than rifles? The Firearms and Accoutrements sale offers a stellar range, from Civil War Burnsides (top) to Springfields (middle) and Winchesters (bottom).

When it comes to collectors it’s hard to find a more passionate bunch than those who pursue Civil War Memorabillia. The Firearms and Accoutrements sale has a host of interesting pieces related to the nation’s in-house dustup, including Lot 108 (above), a US Civil War leather covered trunk IDd to Wm. C. Gourley, 60th. Regt NYS Vol.  

The Colt Revolver has anchored pretty much every Western Hollywood ever made. Lot 791 (above), an Army issue second generation single action Colt, will give more than one enthusiast visions of John Wayne in "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon."

Priceless 19th Century artifact or fancy gardening tool? Take your pick with Lot 241 (above), an 1880 Army entrenching tool with iron guard and ribbed wood grip.

Look now at the full catalog for Cowan’s Auctions’ Firearms and Accoutrements sale.