On The Square

Remix by Rago: Style is What you Choose

By Bidsquare

Nov 09,2016 | 17:00 EST

Ragos Remix auction is premised on a belief that the most livable and interesting rooms can’t be pinned to a decade or design period. They are composed of pieces, skillfully mixed, that create the impression of having been collected over time. Often, they really shouldnt communicate well, but they do, like a diverse group of wildly interesting people brought together for a party. Rago has filled the sale with sexy, stylish pieces of modern design, urbane antiques, heirlooms, contemporary and classical art. Highlights include: Malcolm Bray, Picture This, painted Louis XV style circa 1855 over-mantel mirror, USA, 2014; Set of twelve midcentury dining chairs, France; Pair of Eames Screens, mid 20th c., Desk and chair after Antonio Gaudi, wood and hand-wrought steel; Pair of Italian lounge chairs and ottomans, mid 20th c. 

Join Rago in disregarding the idea that market economics measures the value of an object. Style is what you choose. Rago showcases the funky desing mashups in their upcoming Remix auction on December 2. Watch now!