On The Square

Serious Coin for Currency

By Bidsquare

Jul 06,2015 | 22:00 EDT

Bidders get the chance to drop cash for coins on Wednesday, July 15, when Pook & Pook, Inc. stage their summer auction of currency and political memorabilia. The sale, held exclusively on Bidsquare, includes over 200 lots of coins and paper money as well as political pins and related ephemera.

Front and back of a Saint-Gaudens $20 coin

The history of most countries can be told through its currency, and in that regard, America is no different. Lots reflecting this in the July sale include colonial pieces, a large assortments of Civil War and Hard Times tokens, as well as gold and silver dollars and unique paper currency. Highlights include two uncirculated Saint-Gaudens $20 coins (above), a 1909-S VDB Lincoln Head cent, and three 1875 20¢ pieces. Multiple commemorative medals are also up for grabs.

Lot 2103, a 1907 U.S. $5 bill

The sale concludes with seventy-five lots representing over a century of American presidential and legislative candidates. This rare assortment of pins, tokens and other campaign fair is sure to close the sale with a bang. Standouts include an Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin presidential ferrotype, an uncommonly large John W. Davis button, a pair of JFK presidential buttons, and a Theodore Roosevelt articulated pin reading, “Give Them Hell Boys.”

Look now at the full catalog for Pook & Pook’s Online Only Coins, Paper Currency and Political Pins Auction.