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Vintage Toys with Timeless Appeal

By Bidsquare

Sep 16,2015 | 15:00 EDT

Trying to operate a toy these days is enough to make your head spin. With technology often so advanced you need a degree in computer science to understand what’s going on. Well, at least that how it seems when the three-year-old next to you is playing around on his mom’s iPad.

There was a time however, when toys were built with charm. Even more amazingly, there was a time when toys were built to last. On Saturday, September 19, Cowan’s Auctions offers bidders the opportunity to invest in childhood nostalgia when they stage their Cleveland Fall Auction Including Dolls and Toys auction.

Lot 316 - the cast iron girl skipping rope mechanical bank

The sale features a large collection of vintage toys, including wind-ups, figurines, mechanical banks, dollhouse pieces, trains, a hobby horse, plus a fantastic collection of vintage dolls from around the world. Add to that a catalog filled with paintings, silver, porcelain, furniture, glass, and more, and you’ll soon realize this is  a sale that is not to be missed.

Lot 334 - the Hoge pressed steel wind-up Popeye in rowboat

Lot 308 - the Kent toy stove and Arcade ice box and sink

 Lot 290 - an Ottolini Sonia doll and Bonomi doll from Italy