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Work From Home: Decor To Help Boost Your Daily Mood

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Mar 30,2022 | 13:00 EDT

It’s clear that a dramatic and likely permanent shift in the workplace landscape has occurred over the past two years - the workplace, “place” now being one’s home. 

This normalized change, of working from home, has highlighted the importance of carefully considered interiors and alternative design choices, some of which can have an emotional and physical effect on remote and hybrid workers. Although the idea of a positive work environment is not entirely new, the concept of blending or smoothly dividing it within your home is. Avoiding burnout and added stresses that are brought on by staying at home, like a lack of variety and privacy, is essential for maintaining a healthy grip on and formula for a successful work/life balance. 

Source - housebeautiful.com | Photo: Clary Bosbyshell

We’ve compiled a list of small yet effective home decor ideas that can help boost your mood and daily outlook.

Work From Home - Decor To Help Boost Your Daily Mood

Three-fold Painted Screen, ca. 1890 - Sold for $594

1. Folding Screens - Divide and Conquer

A common struggle in the work from home setup is privacy, especially if you're not the only one setting up shop in the living room. A great way to divide any size space is to literally add another wall - a friendly, foldable one of course! Folding screens, or room dividers, not only provide a stylish enclosure for daily adoration but they're a very simple solution with a big impact. Another dynamic reason to invest in an interesting folding screen is the ability to move it around your home or apartment. Keep it up during the work day and simply collapse it or use it as added wall decor in the evening and on weekends. The choice is yours!

Online auctions provide a fantastic range of vintage and antique folding screens in a number of motifs and styles, from detailed Asian folk scenes to sleek mid-century modern panels. Attractive options can go for a few hundred dollars or run all the way up to a several thousand. We recommended paying close attention to the pre-sale estimates in our auction catalogs to determine which ones fall within your budget or shop our Buy Now sales to make a quick, bid-free purchase.

Vetri Murano, Mushroom Table Lamp, Italy - Sold for $156

2. Lighting - Brighten Your Mood

If you haven't considered the way lighting can affect your daily mood, it's time to pay a little bit more attention. Studies show that very bright lights can intensify your emotions, both negatively and positively. However, in a work environment - heightning feelings of stress or anxiety under a tight deadline can lead to a potentially destructive daily routine. Sitting near a window where natural beams can provide most of your lighting is ideal, but for those who have to add a desk or floor lamp into the equation (opposed to blinding overhead lights) should go for a moderately bright light from a pleasantly designed source.

Designs from the mid 20th century are a great period for inventive lighting where you can find high quality materials that provide a superior source. Makers such as Murano are an obvious go-to for radiating glass lamps, as well as retro, space age styles if you're looking to click a funky accent on in the morning.

Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Vase - Sold for $63

3. Flower Vases - A Joyful Touch

Never underestimate the joy that stems from bringing fresh flowers into your home. Looking up from your computer to see a thriving bunch of tulips soaking in the sunlight can evoke feelings of optimism, comfort and relief. Treat yourself to a special vase, like the Chinese porcelain varieties found in Bidsquare’s Asian Works of Art sales - that way, when you’re in between bouquets, you still have a beautiful work of handmade decor to treasure.


Arthur Clifton Goodwin, Summer Landscape, Pastel on Paper - Sold for $469

4. Original Artwork - Elevate Your Video Calls

Investing in a new work of art - ideally, an original painting or drawing, is always a smart move when sprucing up one's decorum. Choosing pieces that depict intriguing scenes and inviting color palettes can quickly elevate the background of your video calls, which can also make a lasting impression with new clients and serve as an inviting conversation piece. We suggest searching for Fine Art: landscapes, still lives and maritime themes for starters.

Hubley cast iron phesant paperweight - Sold for $250

5. Desk Accessories - Comforting Reminders

If your work from home station is permanent, be sure to accessorize your desk with little reminders of your favorite hobbies, loved ones or even some comic relief! We're talking picture frames, favorite books, paperweights, meditation balls or anything that might lighten your mood during the day. Passionate for bird watching on the weekends? Let a pheasant paperweight guard your important paperwork! 

Walnut Veneered Black Leather Eames Chair - Sold for $3,024

6. Chairs - Your Very Own Work Throne

Believe it or not, your chair says more about your personality than you may realize. Running a start up from the den and want to project the utmost confidence? Upgrading your work throne won't hurt. Want to roll around the room more efficiently or settle into a wing back? Up to you! Just make sure there's plenty of space to add extra lumbar support to the chair of your choice to promote healthy posture and avoid any long term back aches.


Source: Clever.com, Photo by: Derry Moore


Making a point to elevate your dedicated work space at home, especially one that expresses your individual taste, will actually make you want to sit down and complete your to-do list. Start off slow by adding new decor elements here and there with a long term vision that will help you grow into a remote workspace that boosts your mood and daily productivity - the style opportunities are endless so, light a scented candle and start browsing!


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Jessica Helen Weinberg | Senior Content Editor at Bidsquare



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