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Amorsolo’s Master Use of Light

By Bidsquare

Jun 01,2016 | 12:00 EDT

Fernando Cueto Amorsolo is one of the most important artists in the history of painting in the Philippines. He is well known as a portraitist and painter of rural Philippine landscapes and for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light.

Fernando Cueto Amorsolo, Image source: The Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation

House on the Lake recently came to auction at Kodner Galleries. The work depicts a grass hut on the edge of a waterway bordered by bamboo in rosy glowing light. The work demonstrates the artist’s superb craftsmanship and mastery of the use of light previously mentioned. It has been suggested by an expert on a group of Filipino artists, some of whom are followers of Amorsolo, the work is likely a plein air work rendered in a single sitting characteristic of the prolific Amorsolo.

Fernando Cueto Amorsolo, House on a Lake, 1926 sold in Kodner Galleries’ May 18, 2016 auction for $183,750

The subtropical world of the Philippines came to subtropical south Florida at Kodner Galleries’ May 18, 2016 auction. Lot 126a, an oil on board dated 1926 and signed F. Amorsolo, but lacking provenance when consigned for auction, was very possibly the work of Philippine master Fernando Cueto Amorsolo. The painting was purchased several years ago in Paris by a south Florida resident with an eclectic collection of art from every corner of the world.

In the interest of caution and without documentation or authentication, the work was offered as “possibly” the artist with a pre-auction estimate of $6,000-8,000. Soon after the auction catalog went live, the Amorsolo work garnered considerable interest from far corners of the globe including a personal visit to Kodner from an expert with strong ties to the Filipino art scene. An informal authentication of the work was made.

Bidding on the work opened at $3,000 and quickly advanced to $30,000. Bidding continued for approximately 20 minutes. In the dramatic conclusion, the Amorsolo was hammered down at $187,550 while the gallery audience showed its excited approval with a round of applause.

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