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Bidsquare Cloud: A New Auction Software Helping Auction Houses Grow Their Sales Online

By Bidsquare

Feb 18,2022 | 14:00 EST

When it comes to online auctions, Bidsquare was tailor-made from the get-go. The online bidding platform, from its very foundation, was designed and assembled to provide a seamless and more favorable way for buyers and sellers to convene online. Over the years, as online auctions started catching on, Bidsquare’s platform has gained recognition for a well-designed interface known for its ease of use and real-time bidding technology for both bidders and auction houses. Now, the technology that underpins Bidsquare’s marketplace as a leading online auction platform, is available to all.

The new white label can be fully integrated into any website - offering a custom branded experience for businesses looking to boost online sales.

What is Bidsquare Cloud?

Bidsquare Cloud, the innovative new software, allows any seller, auction house or business wanting to sell items online to fully integrate the same bells and whistles that have been powering Bidsquare right onto one's own website. The recently launched white label software provides the technology and capability to host live and timed auctions online as well as buy now sales - the cherry on top? It includes a custom branded mobile app available in both iOS and Android versions. The live auction format of Bidsquare Cloud features live audio/video streaming - a significant advantage for businesses looking to digitally engage with their audience, especially when navigating the impact that the pandemic has had on in-person sales events. Bidsquare Cloud can be customized and tailored to match the look and feel of an individualized business’ own brand - another plus for those wanting to ensure a consistent brand experience while powering their website with the latest bidding technology. 

Customization and a seamless user experience for sellers is a key and often overlooked aspect when it comes to online auction software - whereas most white label software providers offer just one generic template, Bidsquare Cloud is completely tailored to your brand and website through a custom design and subdomain, making the user experience simple and smooth without any redirects to another website.

Online Auctions For Any Business - Big or Small

The opportunity that Bidsquare Cloud provides to businesses is also being hailed as a freeing experience. For those hoping to tease themselves away from third-party platforms and steep fees, Bidsquare Cloud allows businesses to increase their online sales and drive more leads. Through hosting live online auctions and other online sales events directly, and by paying lower transaction fees, Bidsquare Cloud clients can engage users immediately when they visit their websites, generate new leads and convert and monetize their own traffic. For businesses looking to expand their audience beyond their own website, Bidsquare Cloud offers the option to co-list and simultaneously run their events on Bidsquare.com, the original marketplace. With Bidsquare Cloud’s new ‘bidsync’ feature, bids placed through Bidsquare.com (regardless of the sale format) are reflected on the client’s own website in real-time - spurring and directing bidding to the Bidsquare Cloud client. In addition, when co-listing an event on their own website, the easy to use admin requires just one upload and a single clerk. 

Bidsquare Cloud Supports Online Growth

So far, businesses who’ve integrated Bidsquare Cloud onto their websites have shown a significant increase in growth and sales. On average, businesses have seen a 452% growth in online sales and a spike of 226% in absentee bid values.

“Bidsquare Cloud is a game changer,” explains Bidsquare CEO, Allis Ghim, “Our new white label will help businesses navigate the shift from in-person bidding and their migration to digital by equipping them with the technology and tools they need to capture bidders where they are - online. Bidsquare Cloud enables bidders to bid directly with the business of their choice, on their own website, allowing them to grow online under their own brand.”

Benefit and non-profit organizations have also been able to use this software and  take advantage of what would otherwise be a complicated undertaking - charities, museum institutions and other fundraising groups can run fully online or hybrid events, as well as online and in-person auctions to raise money. “Having the ability to host the auction ourselves was a game changer!,” said Rebecca Brickman, Director of Development of The Drawing Center, a non profit based in NYC.  “We wanted to be able to control the look and feel of our sale and maintain ownership of traffic and bidding activity. Bidsquare Cloud allowed us to do this, while providing all of the tools and resources we needed to have a successful online auction and physical event accessible to bidders both in the room and around the world.” 

Visit www.bidsquarecloud.com to learn more and see how you can grow your business online.