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Bidsquare Picks: White Space

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Feb 02,2018 | 10:00 EST

If you've ever looked up at the clouds long enough to watch them carelessly conjoin and stretch away from one another, then you will easily understand Jean Arp’s seemingly enigmatic sculptures. Consider the simplicity of admiring the empty space in between things for a start.

Lot 108, Jean (Haans) Arp, Constellation, Painted wood relief, 1956; Estimate $70,000 - $90,000

Marked by white biomorphic shapes placed atop a white board, with cast shadows offering the only secondary tone, this example (lot 108) is one of many abstract Constellation works created by Arp since he began producing them in the 1930s. His Dadaist approach was to leave the compositions up to chance. For Arp, this concept would mimic nature in its true state, unlike the traditional Illusionistic tastes that fine art was so heavily based - and which Arp felt was utterly contrived and inorganic. Instead, his suggestion was to contemplate the random spacing of ambiguous shapes to appreciate poetic notions such as nature, metamorphosis and the cycle of life. Click here to browse Wright, Florsheim / Goldberg: An Extended Conversation auction on February 2nd.

Keeping in mind the simple yet powerful narrative dwelling within monochromatic spaces, weve toned down our Bidsquare Picks this week to observe the positive and negative forms that appear when seeing less or nothing at all. 

Lot 272, Contemporary Loveseat, Burl plywood, polished aluminum, leather; Buy Now $1,024

Bending dramatically into place, this clean-cut, contemporary design is all about form and function. Featured in Ragos, 20th C. Design Unsold Lots, Timed Auction, available now through February 6th, this heart shaped loveseat is setting a sleek and harmonious tone.

Lot 183, Miki Carmi, Father I, Oil on canvas, 2004; Estimate $5,000 - $7,000

Have you ever thought to say what you need to say by method of removal? Opposed to continuously adding? By eliminating common indicators of class and background context, contemporary artist, Miki Carmi, beckons his subjects to penetrate through the white space and reveal the contained, psychological truth behind the human condition.

Click here to browse more from Leslie Hindman Aucitoneers, Howard and Judith Tullman Online Only sale on February 19th.

Lot 91, A 17.13-Carat Diamond; Estimate $80,000 - $100,000

Similarly, for geological treasures, the clarity or illusion of "nothingness" is seen in a diamonds flawless and transparent qualities.

Click here to browse Fortuna Auctions, Fine Jewels sale on February 22nd

Lot 67, Amelia Earhart Stage Cane, 19th century; Estimate $700 - $800

Carving her legacy out of thin air! This Amelia Earhart, stage cane featured in Kimball Sterlings, Antique Cane Auction, Timed Auction available now through February 10th, is an elegant accessory and statement for the fearless female in your life.

With new auctions added daily, were always ripe for the pickin! Be sure to check into Bidsquare Picks each week for a speedy look at our upcoming selections!

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Jessica Helen Weinberg | Senior Content Editor at Bidsquare

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