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Bidsquare Picks: Matters of the Heart

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Feb 06,2018 | 10:25 EST

How can one tell when they’ve found true love? What does it look like? How long does it last? When something as small as a wink can create tidal changes that wash over your senses forever, it seems an important question to ponder. However, courtly love isn’t the only soul-quenching sort! We often overlook youthful romance, fantastical beauty, familial comfort, and first and foremost – friendship!  

Seeing that we are a week away from Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be uplifting to recognize love in all forms, and perhaps, inspire you to feverishly profess your infatuation (or appreciation) for someone with a token of tenderness. 

Lot 1834, Robert Knight Ryland, Love (The Hand of God), Oil on canvas; Estimate $700 - $900

Dont forget to call your mother next week! Reaching up toward divinity, this imaginative painting by Robert Knight Ryland calls attention to the powerful embrace felt in our very first moments of life after birth. This miraculous portrayal of maternity will be featured Ragos, Unreserved Session 3 sale on February 25th.

Lot 135, Daisy Makeig-Jones, Wedgewood "Fairyland Lustre" bowl, England 1920s; Estimate $600 - $900

When the going gets tough, you can count on your friends to lend you an extra pair of wings and help lighten your load. Be it a love interest or an irreplaceable confidant, consider this magical, Wedgewood motif when expressing your thanks! Click here to view the full Rago, Unreserved Session 1 sale catalog coming up on February 23rd

Lot 101, Paul Galloway, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Oil on canvas, 2004; Estimate $1,000 - $2,000

Theres a good and bad side to every story, and sometimes, love falls short! Youthful crushes and fleeting promises can scatter themselves across yesteryear in a streak of bittersweet flashbacks...perhaps, you want to share this sentiment with an old flame? See the details for this painting and similar contemporary works in Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Howard and Judith Tullman Online Only sale coming up on February 19th

Lot 4, Dom Perignon Vintage Brut, 1985, 9 Bottles; Estimate $2,300 - $3,250

Already have a forever Valentine to pop your annual bubbly with? Or, perhaps you have nine different darlings? In either case, youll want to browse Skinners, Fine Wines & Rare Spirits sale coming up on February 15th to pick up beverages for your beloved.

Lot 3, Verdura "Herkimer" Crystal Charm Bracelet; Estimate $8,000 - $10,000

For those sticking to tradition and using this holiday to charm the prettiest girl in the room, youll want to turn your attention toward Fortuna Auctions, Fine Jewels sale coming up on February 22nd

There is always someone worth appreciating - leave Valentines Day opened to interpretation! With new auctions added daily, were always ripe for the pickin! Be sure to check into Bidsquare Picks each week for a speedy look at our upcoming selections!

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Jessica Helen Weinberg | Senior Content Editor at Bidsquare

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