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Get Set with The MET

By Bidsquare

Apr 20,2015 | 09:00 EDT

It isn’t every day one gets the chance to buy pieces that once showed in admired collections at the MET. Yet in the Spring Couture and Textiles from Museum Collections sale, set down for April 24 & 25, bidders get that opportunity and so much more.

Lot 530 (left) - a Silk Brocade Robe a L’Anglaise; Lot 566 (right) - Moire Silk and Velvet Gown with Embroidery

This sale is an absolute must for anyone with a passion for the history of couture. Featuring over 175 lots of historical 18th & 19th Century costumes from collections that include The MET, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, FIT, and various Historical Societies, the two-day event offers price points for every buyer or enthusiast.

Property from private collectors and estates will also be sold, including works by two of the nation’s most celebrated African American fashion designers: Ann Cole Lowe (Below, center) and Bill Smith (Below, left & right).

And for those interested in more current couture there is ample opportunity to find real value for money. Pierre Cardin, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurant, Versace, and Comme de Garcons are just some of the name designers with pieces ready to find new homes in new wardrobes.

All up, the Charles A. Whitaker Auction Company’s Spring Couture & Textiles from Museum Collections sale consists of over 1000 lots. Besides the breathtaking selections of couture and vintage clothing, it offers a stunning variety of textiles, clothing accessories, jewelry and more.

For a look at the full catalogue head now to Bidsquare.