On The Square

In Tough Times Brits Turn To Tea

By Brett Morris

Apr 02,2017 | 17:00 EDT

Historic events unfolded in the U.K. last week as they began the legal process to exit the EU. Leaving the people of Britain, faced with an uncertain future and only a vague sense of Brexit ramifications, in need of a constant supply of the one thing that has held the country together for last 500 years - tea. Brits know a thing or two about tea, primarily, that the only way to enjoy a proper cup of tea is to make a pot of tea. Sure, a teabag will suffice in a crunch, but to get the full benefits of a strong brew you need to take the time to do things properly. After all, it’s not just about taste – it’s about ceremony. 

Here at Bidsquare we’re currently offering a great range of unique teapots spread across a range of fascinating sales. So if you’re a Brit in need of a brew or perhaps just feeling a wave of empathy for our friends across the pond, it’s the perfect time to take the plunge and elevate your tea drinking to a whole new level. Bottoms up!

Sure to turn heads the next time you have friends around is this piece by Japanese-American artist Akio Takamori. Selling as Lot 80 in Cowans Auctions Modern Ceramics & Modern Art+Design sale, this porcelain teapot is one of only five variations of this work, all of which were sold through the Garth Clark Gallery in NYC. 

The Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th Century was hugely influential in many artistic fields including literature, painting, sculpture, and decorative arts. This Dominick & Haff sterling silver teapot and creamer, selling as Lot 117 in Skinners European Funiture & Decorative Arts sale, dates to 1880 and champions the notion that an object must be as aestically beautiful as it is utalitarian. 

Teapots for all the family with this colorful ensemble by Chinese visual artist, Ka-Kwong Hui. Selling as Lot 1002 in Ragos Unreserved sale, these four fabulous pots come in four unique glazes from an artist known as a compassionate ceramics master who possesed a heightened sense of whimsy. 

Those yearning a little old school refinement should take a look at Lot 43 in Bremo Auctions Fine & Decorative Arts sale. A three piece American coin silver tea service by Eoff & Connor dating to 1835, the set includes a teapot, cream jug and lidded sugar bowl, all with chased banding of foliate and a scallop shell motif.

Who says the ritual of drinking tea always has to be a sedatory experience? Crazy Quilt, selling as Lot 34 in Wexler Gallerys Contemporary Glass sale, is a blown glass teapot made by Richard Marquis using the murrine technique sure to bring a lively splash of colour to your stove top.

The Chinese have been drinking tea so long they make the Brits look like amateurs. This Yixing Zisha Teapot, selling as Lot 270 in Capitoline Auction Gallerys Asian Antique & Jewelry from Washington D.C. sale, comes beautifully finished with its jade handle, spout and lid finial, and script on the side translating to "Keep Calm and Carry on." Just kidding...