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Laliques Art of Glass

By Bidsquare

Oct 08,2015 | 17:00 EDT

On Friday, October 16, Rago offers bidders the finest collection of Lalique glass seen in years. Highlights among the 81 lots up for grabs include a Cluny vase, red and butterscotch Poissons, teal and electric blue Perruches, a Caravelle centerpiece, a Normandie lamp, an Eléphants bowl, and a Thomery cocktail-shaker.

Lot 1 - The Cluny vase, and Lot 20 - the red Perruches vase

René Lalique began his artistic career at the ripe old age of 12, when he entered the Collège Turgot and began drawing and sketching. By thirty, he was recognized as one of Frances foremost Art Nouveau jewelry designers, yet it was his creations in glass that held the greatest sway.

Lot 46 - The Caravelle centerpiece

Lalique lent his talents to glass art, perfume bottles, vases, candle sticks, chandeliers, clocks, and even automobile hood ornaments. His was a naturalistic approach that drew inspiration from his upbringing in suburban Paris and summer trips to Ay.

Lot 30 - The Eléphants bowl, produced by Lalique in 1930

René Lalique passed away in May 1945, aged 85, yet his legacy lives on. His work can be seen in leading museums around the world, and at auction, his pieces are always in great demand. This sale from Rago is a gilt-edged opportunity to add the work of a true master-craftsman to your collection.

Lot 85 - The Tourbillons vase, and Lot 45 - the Antilopes vase