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Luis Nishizawa - He gave, and they gave back…

By Bidsquare

Jul 20,2016 | 16:00 EDT

Combine the unique flair of Latin American art with bold Japanese aesthetics and you get the work of Luis Nishizawa. In 1918, born Nishizawa-Flores, to parents of Mexican and Japanese descent - his atmospheric work frequently depicts the Mexican countryside. Yet having studied etching in Tokyo, Japan there is always a hint of the Japanese asymmetrical embellishment found in the simplicity and tranquility of his compositions. Perhaps his voice also stems from the solitude of his youth on a farm, and his further expression in many artistic mediums – music, sketch-drawing, Asian jewelry-design, Asian painting, graphic art, engraving, murals, even Asian ceramics and Asian sculpture. He continued his contributions as an influential teacher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and a lifetime of worldwide exhibited work – many within permanent collections of prominent international museums.

Luis Nishizawa, Photo source Poblanerias

Honored of his heritage, influenced by Japan but firmly planted in Mexico, he gave - and they gave back: Nishizawa is the ONLY Artist to have been a recipient of Mexico’s National Prize for Arts and Sciences and Japan’s Sacred Treasure of the Dragon Award. In 1992 Mexico dedicated a museum to his work, the Museo Taller Luis Nishizawa.  In 1996 he was commemorated with a Mexican Postage Stamp, and issued an honorary doctorate. Awarded a lifetime of accolades, Luis Nishizawa continued Painting until his death in 2014 - at the age of 96 - his funeral attended by the President of Mexico.

Recently Latin American art has seen a worldwide increase in exhibition, scholarship, and market values. Phillips reports a 305% growth in auction sales of these established and emerging artists since 2009.  Wilfredo Lam, Rufino Tamayo, Claudio Bravo, and Fernando Botero consistently outsell their previous auction results by major online auction Houses, some with dedicated departments to Latin American Sales. Since his death in 2014, Luis Nishizawa has been an artist to watch out for because of this raised awareness, and based on his exceptional museum prominence and pedigree - yet having so few original pieces ever reach the open market. We too, are honored of his heritage, and privileged of his work.

An original work by Luis Nishizawa’s Landscapes For My Father series is in E. M. Wallace’s upcoming Aquire Objects of Desire auction, estimated at $19,000-36,000.

Luis Nishizawa Original Acrylic Paisajes Series, Estimate $19,000-36,000

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