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Summer Black and White Fashion Photography

By Bidsquare

Jul 21,2016 | 11:30 EDT

Black & white photography has always had a broad-based appeal, and in a bouyant art market is currently proving as popular as ever with collectors. Which makes it a great time to check out Hamburg Kennedy Photographs Summer Black and White Fashion Auction - 28 expertly curated photographs by inter-generational black and white photographers being sold under a "Buy Now" format, meaning the piece you love can be yours with just one casual click of your keyboard. Get busy!

Marilyn Monroe has moved more black & white pictures and prints than just about anyone in history, as the worlds fascination with her continues unabated. Lot 17, by renowned documentary photographer Elliot Erwitt, captures a relaxed Marilyn reading on the couch, eternally beautiful, forever break hearts.

Lot 20, Frank Horvats "Givenchy Hat B" looks to capture the drama and high fashion of a race day at Royal Ascot. Horvat is best known for his fashion photography, published between the mid 1950s and the end of the 1980s, but his photographic opus includes photojournalism, portraiture, landscape, nature and sculpture.

In the 1960s Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones were the very face of rebellion, sending teenage girls crazy and their parents in search of Valium. Lot 23, a 1983 capture by pioneer paparazzo Ron Galella, shows there was still a little fire left in the old rockers belly, despite his increasing age and abundant wealth.

Whether its fashion or fine art, Stephanie Pfriender Stylander is renowned for her daring use of color lenses when photographing in black & white. Lot 1, "The Kiss" and Lot 10, "Dancing with You" are both washed in a red tint that lends added drama and color to finely crafted studies.

Lot 14 is another offering by Elliot Erwitt, this one titled "Dogs New York." Erwitt is known for his black and white candid shots of ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings, and is considered a master of Henri Cartier-Bressons "decisive moment".

Hamburg Kennedy Photographs Summer Black and White Fashion Auction contains 28 expertly curated lots to be sold under a "Buy Now" format in our art auction. Look now at the full catalog.