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Ragos Stamp of Approval

By Bidsquare

Sep 08,2015 | 09:00 EDT

There’s something about the collecting of stamps that is instantly nostalgic. Not surprising really, when you consider that for many of us, they were the first things we ever collected in earnest. Yet there’s more to stamp collecting than freckle-faced 10-year-olds with lovingly preserved albums. It’s a multi-million dollar industry, filled with savvy collectors investing their time and dollars wisely.

On Thursday, September 10, Rago offers bidders the chance to build out their stamp investments when they stage their Stamps, Coins and Currency sale. Best not to dawdle though - the sale kicks off with over 50 lots of world stamps from the collection of Dr. Robert Peter Turk, a distinguished soldier, a committed physician, a scholar, and an outstanding educator. 

Lot 3000 is sure to create its share of interest. Featuring vintage stamps from the Falkland Islands, it serves as a subtle reminder of Britain’s history in the South American region, a forerunner to the war with Argentina that was to follow some eighty years later.

Continuing the British colonial theme is Lot 3025, a collection of stamps from Great Britain’s colonies and protectorates, including complete sets from Uganda (1935) and Rhodesia (1925).

The U.S. coins and tokens selection is equally robust. Lot 3128, a 1652 pine tree shilling, and Lot 3129, a 1797 bust $1.00 coin, are sure to be the center of spirited bidding.

Those looking for something a little more exotic will attack the world coin offerings with relish! Lot 3062 will be well in their sites, a selection of ancient coins from Morocco.

Rago’s Stamps, Coins and Currency sale is 198 lots strong and features curated pieces from around the world. Look now at the full catalog.