On The Square

Scott Young Goes to Water

By Brett Morris

Mar 16,2017 | 08:00 EDT

It was the gift of some Caravaggio and Vermeer picture books from his mother that first sparked an artistic interest in a young Stephen Scott Young. He went on to attend Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, and at 28 won first prize in a national art competition held by American Artist magazine. Scott Young had developed a real passion for watercolors, and it’s upon these his reputation rests.

On Saturday March 25, Brunk Auctions offers collectors not one but two chances to snare a stunning Scott Young watercolor when they stage Day 2 of their March Premier sale. Offered as Lots 599 and 600, they are strongly typical of the artist’s finest work, notable for the strikingly realistic use of watercolor and eloquent simplicity of subject matter. He is often times nostalgic, yet always contemporary.

Scott Young is best known for capturing everyday life on the east coast of the United States and the Out Islands of The Bahamas. Lot 599 fits that mold, with the subject hailing from Florida. Titled A Blue Chair, it is described by the artist as “a study of Quenton, from St. Augustine in the continuing series of his portraits…”

For many years Scott Young had his studio in St. Augustine, and Lot 600 betrays his strong personal connection to the neighbourhood. Titled Faded Flower, Lila, the artists notes capture the mood perfectly. "Lila Andrews, of St. Augustine, Florida," he writes, "my neighbor at my studio - in her senility there is dignity." This watercolor ably shows off Scott Youngs strident attention to detail and intricacy, yet the work is anything but cold, and the respect and compassion Scott Young feels towards his subject is clearly evident.

Day 2 of Brunck Auctions March Premier sale is set down for Saturday, March 25, and contains 660 expertly curated lots covering a host of fascinating categories. Look now at the full catalog.