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The First Television?

By Bidsquare

Nov 06,2015 | 23:00 EST

Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend that there was a time when people existed without television. Just what they did with themselves is anyone’s guess; suffice to say it’s hard to imagine an existence without the spine-tingling plot twists of the Kardashians or the moving dignity of a televised Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, November 11, Leland Little Auctions deliver clues to the above conundrum when they offer Lot 150 in their sale of the Personal Collection of Philip P. Huggins. A 19th Century reverse painted table screen depicting a young woman departing by boat from the shore, it has, on first glance at least, the resounding look a pre-electronic flat screen TV!

Now sure, an evening’s entertainment gathered round such a piece in your living room is sure to have its limits, but then it truly is a lovely work with strong romantic vibes and besides, what  a brilliant chance to activate your dormant imagination!

Leland Little Auctions’ sale of the Personal Collection of Philip P. Huggins is 570 lots strong and contains pieces from a wide range of categories. Lot 13 (above) is sure to capture the attention of those looking for decorative silver. A 19th Century American sterling silver monteith, it is crafted with a beautiful floral repousse motif and comes with a removable locking “crown.”

Lot 222 - St. Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians

Apart from extensive collections of asian art and silverware, categories covered in the auction include paintings, clocks, glassware, sculpture, furniture, rugs, weapons, chandeliers and more.