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Bogardus on Target

By Bidsquare

Nov 10,2015 | 13:00 EST

No one ever accused 19th Century entrepreneur Adam Bogardus of modesty. Holder at one time of just about every shooting record in the book, he titled a 1898 biography he authored: “One Thousand Secrets of Rich and Wise Men Revealed,” by C.A. Bogardus, “Champion Shot of the World.”

Bogardus was also an inventor, and in 1877 created the first practical glass ball trap. This trap threw the ball 60 feet through the air in a very long arc that revolutionized the sport of target shooting. Bogardus, who owned a shooting galllery in Chicago, promoted himself tirelessly and soon became the leading manufacturer in the U.S. target-making business.

Those looking to try their hand at a Bogardus should check out Pook & Pook Inc.’s Sporting Auction, set down for Saturday, November 14. Selling as Lot 170, the Bogardus iron trapshooting target ball thrower dates from the late 19th Century and comes with two modern glass balls.

Pook & Pook Inc.’s Sporting Auction is 315 lots strong and contains a stunning array of offerings from a host of different categories including rifles, pistols, medals, uniforms, swords, knives, targets, powder horns, saddles, paintings, decoy ducks (above) and more.

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