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The Pleasure of Picasso

By Bidsquare

Jan 19,2017 | 09:00 EST

Say what you like about Picasso, but you could never deny he was prolific. Widely regarded as one of the most influencial artists of the 20th Century, the diminutive Spaniard tried his hand at pretty much everything, from painting to sculpture, to printmaking and ceramics, even stage design and poetry. He co-founded the Cubist movement, invented constructed sculpture, co-invented collage, and produced a wide variety of styles that he continued to develop and explore throughout his life.

Which all makes him infinitely collectible, for with so much inventory covering such a broad range of genres, Picasso remains attainable for fans at all price points. And that brings us to Friday, January 27, when Skinner Auctions stage their Fine Prints & Photographs sale, where a stunning array of Picasso pieces, including tiles, plaques, plates and vases are set to go under the hammer.

Lot 100 - a hand-painted, glazed terra-cotta tile titled au char triomphal, has its origins in the estate of Jacqueline Picasso, the second and last wife of the great man. The marriage lasted 11 years until Picassos death in 1973, during which time he created over 400 portraits of her. 

Another glazed terra-cotta tile that once belonged to Jacqueline Picasso will be sold as Lot 101 - this one titled Le joueur de diole. Jacqueline was just 27 when she married the 69-year-old Picasso, and is considered by many as the most egigmatic of the women who ended up major figures in the great artists life. She would eventually killed herself by gunshot in 1986.

Lot 107 is an earthenware plaque with engraving featuring the profile of Jacqueline Picasso. Just as Fernande is associated with the cubist period, Olga the neo-classical 1920s, Marie-Therese the surrealist 30s, Dora the early 40s and Françoise the post-war years, Jacqueline became the muse of Picassos old age.

Picassos earthenware vases and pitchers and always in strong demand, so good thing one of each will be available to bidders here! Lot 103 - a maroon and black wood-owl vase, is from an edition of just 100, while Lot 104 - a pitcher titled Face, is one of 500 created by the artist in 1955.

Lot 109 is a stunning earthenware plate dating to 1963, titled Dishevelled Woman. With the market for Picasso ceramics continuing to be robust, this respresents a golden opportunity to start collecting Picasso at a reasonable price point. Just dont tell your wife or girlfriend theres any kind of uncanny resemblance...

Skinner Auctions Fine Prints & Photographs sale is set down for Friday, January 27 and contains 199 expertly curated lots incluing lithographs, etchings, screenprints and more. Look now at the full catalog.