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Vintage Toys This September

By Bidsquare

Sep 16,2016 | 10:00 EDT

Of all the fascinating categories out there in the collectibles market, none bring as much fun and enjoyment to their owners as vintage toys. With their irresistible blend of charm and nostalgia, they take us back to a time when manufacturers built things to last (yes, even toys!). No wonder then, that demand for vintage toys continues to be strong at auctions all over the world.

On Saturday, September 24, Potter & Potter Auctions offers toy buffs a golden opportunity to add to their collections when they hold their Toys, Advertising & Coin–Op sale. Over 500 lots are set to go under the hammer, from a catalog that includes a wide assortment of motorcycle and automobile toys, mechanical and still banks, vintage ray guns, board games, pinball machines, fortune telling machines and vending machines, advertising signs, counter displays, slot machines and more.

The sale opens with a fantastic collection of motorcycle and automobile toys holding an irresistable retro vibe. Lot 62 - the Silver Pigeon Scooter, made by Japanese company Marusan in the mid-Twentieth Century, offers colorful and detailed graphics and is sold with its original windshield.

Lot 216 comes from a time when the idea of space travel captivated kids from age three to eighty-three. This 1954 Tom Corbett Space Cadet lunchbox with thermos has timeless appeal, and is sure to leave your child the envy of every kid in his class...and maybe half the teachers as well.

Mechanical banks were hugely popular back in the 19th Century, and since then have become much sought after collectables. Lot 271, a cast iron bank made in 1880, depicts a mule facing a kennel - when the mule kicks his back legs out on release, a dog comes out to play.

Nothing says misspent youth quite as loudly as a pinball machine, and some of our fondest memories involve standing around one of these machines, taking turns working the flippers among friends. Lot 475 - a one cent Little Joe pinball machine, dates back to 1935 and looks good in any bar or games room.

Vintage signs are a great way to bring some much-needed color to a room. Lot 391 - a Prime electric fence tin advertising sign, dates back to the early 1960s and was put to use in the appropriately named Minnesotan town of Good Thunder. A nice way to keep some distance between youself and the neighbors...

Potter & Potter Auctions Toys, Advertising & Coin-Op sale is set down for Saturday, September 24, and contains over 500 expertly curated lots. Look now at the full catalog.