Register for the auction

To bid in any auction you must first register for the auction. To register click the green 'Register Now' button on the right of any auction landing page. You will also find a 'Register to bid' green button on every lot page.

Once you register, the auction house will get notified and will approve you for bidding or request additional information to complete registration. You will receive an email notification once you are approved for bidding. Once approved you can leave an absentee bid or bid live.

Important! Register Early

Please allow for enough time for approval. Most auction houses approve immediately, while others take 1-2 days for approval. Registering a few days in advance of the auction will ensure you will be approved to bid in time for the auction. If you register the day of the auction, please note you may not be approved to bid as it is up to the auction house’s discretion.
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