Consignments & Appraisals

Bidsquare is an online auction marketplace working with hundreds of auction houses, dealers, and galleries. Although Bidsquare does not directly consign and appraise the items featured in our auction catalogs, we do make it simple to contact trained specialists that can. If you’re seeking an appraisal or have artworks, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, etc. that may be suitable for auction, please visit our Auction House Directory to search for auction houses in your area that you can contact.

You can also visit our Premium Auction House Storefronts to submit a ‘Consignment Form for Appraisal’ under the How to Sell tab.

Alex Cooper Auctioneers

Allure Antique Auction Company

Antiques Council

Blackwell Auctions

Heritage Estate Jewelry

Lion and Unicorn

Morton Subastas

Pook & Pook



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