My Account

My Account

Creating an account on Bidsquare is free and easy. Once you are registered on Bidsquare you can create watch lists, alerts, check on items you have won or are bidding on, and other actions in your account, making it personal and easy to navigate. Watch the short video below for an introduction to your account.

Receive Emails and Alerts

You can create alerts on Bidsquare to receive notification via email or within your account of when items list that your are interested in. View the short video below on how to set up alerts.


Payment and Shipping


Payment details vary by auction house. View the Terms and Conditions link on any sale landing page for payment details for the specific auction you are interested in. Auction houses will provide payment instructions to winning bidders.



Shipping details vary by auction house. Each auctioneer will list information pertaining to shipping on their sale landing page for that auction. Click on the Shipping Information link to view shipping details.



Buyers Premium

Buyer’s premium is when the buyer pays an additional percentage on top of the purchase price to the auction house. Buyer’s premium varies depending on the auction house conducting the sale. Please check the terms and conditions of the sale you are bidding in for the buyer’s premium of that specific sale.