Allure  Antique Auction Company

Allure Antique Auction Company

2516 NW 2nd Avenue
Boca Raton, FL 33431
United States

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Allure Antique Company is an internationally recognized leader in rare and important antiques, fine art and jewelry.
Our philosophy of ultimate client satisfaction has guided us for over twenty Years, solidifying our commitment to building life-long relationships of trust with each client.  



Allure Antique Company, Inc. offers a unique collection of Fine Jewelry, Antique Furniture, Watches & Fine Art Work. As a South Florida based Art & Auction company, we incorporate the culture and style of world recognized unique items with extraordinary and elegant Paintings. Over the past five years our selection has evolved to become a collection of Fine Antiques Designers and independent jewels from all over the world We give you the power of choice. Bid on any item within our catalog as low as $50 to start. Enjoy the variety and the quality we have to offer. All our Art Work, Sculptures, Furniture, & Designer Jewelry are the very best quality.