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Alexander the Great

By groveuday

Dec 11,2015 | 09:00 EST

Alexander Calder was one of 20th Century American sculptures most influencial figures. Going against his parents wishes that he avoid the life of a suffering artist, his career spanned over four decades and left a legacy that included a variety of sculpture, theatrical productions, jewelry, painting and printmaking. He also designed paint jobs for a commercial airline and a limited edition BMW.

But it is as the inventer of the mobile, a form of sculpture named by Marcel Duchamp to mean both "motion" and "motive," for which Calder is best remembered. On Tuesday, November 15, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers offer two Calder mobiles in their Post War and Contemporary Art sale, and such is the artists continued popularity that both are sure to be in strong demand. Lot 91 - Toadstool with Feather, was created by the artist in 1948 and is a classic example of his work.

The mobile, by definition, is a moving sculpture made with delicately balanced or suspended shapes that move in response to touch or air currents. Lot 92 - an untitled work from 1970, exemplifies Calders desire to create work that departed from the traditional notion of the art work as a static object.

The Calder mobiles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding pieces in this sale that will excite bidders! Lot 121, titled Tool Box, is a stunningly original piece by Greek-born American artist Lucas Samaras.

Lot 1 - Landscape No. 13 by Chuang Che

Leslie Hindman Auctioneer's Post War and Contemporary Art sale is 203 lots strong online auction and contains work by leading artists across a pleasing variety of fields including sculpture, oils, inks, photography, watercolors, pencil, crayon, pastels and more.