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Born of Artistic Observation: Chucho Reyes from the Collection of Rodrigo Rivero Lake

By Morton Subastas

Sep 15,2020 | 15:00 EDT

Being an antiquarian is no easy task. They are eternally at the mercy of luck, waiting impatiently for that desired item to surface so they can rush out in search of it and, if they're lucky enough, to find and catch it. The feeling of triumph that comes from this experience is akin to a special new friendship, or the thrill of conquering a long-awaited love. For collectors, the acquisition of a treasured piece implies being responsible for its safekeeping and caring for it for it for an indefinite period of time, until it finds its way to another person, thus beginning a brand new story. 

Lot 38, Chucho Reyes, Biombo, aves y flores, Unsigned, Oil on canvas on wooden support, 4 panels

At Morton Subastas, the 'Auction of Works and Items Belonging to Chucho Reyes from the Collection of Rodrigo Rivero Lake', reveals an impassioned relationship between the catcher and the care taker.

Jesús Reyes Ferreira “Chucho Reyes” was a born a collector who began by caring for and appreciating the rich collection of works that he had already received through his inheritance: fantastic white and blue china porcelain sharks, hundreds of pre-Columbian ceramic pieces, wood carvings, among others items. Both by tradition as well as by affiliation he developed the instinct to search, always wanting to know more, which led him to discover his love of art in all its different genres, which in turn only increased his thirst for collecting beautiful items. 

Lot 29, Chucho Reyes, Payaso con flores, Unsigned, Oil on canvas

His house was overflowing with pieces of all kinds, grouped not by cost, rarity, or provenance, but simply by his own personal sense of the aesthetic, which he always enjoyed sharing along with beautiful anecdotes and wise observations. Each piece in his collection was prized for its beauty, quality, or manufacture; it didn’t matter if it was a museum-worthy piece, or an elementary, simple item. In all of them, Chucho was fascinated by glimpses of man’s magnificent capacity for creating things. For him, objects were a concrete manifestation of the divine.

On September 9-19, Morton Subastas will host a Timed Auction, of works and goods by Chucho Reyes from the Rodrigo Rivero Lake collection on Bidsquare. This collection was born of artistic observation and the work of a studious and creative man. The selection of works is made up of what Rodrigo Rivero Lake deeply treasured during a long period of his life. In the 60 lots you will find paintings and furniture that were in the workshop and in the house of Chucho Reyes, objects which he interestingly and creatively combined with traditional Mexican crafts.

Register today to bid and browse the pages of this catalog, and become acquainted with these stunning pieces. Be sure to place your bids before 6:00pm EDT on September 19.

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