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Toys and games like whistles and toy monkeys were used in ancient civilizations like the Indus valley. Fast forward centuries and toys and games are still a big part of any child. Whether they be dolls or model trains, toys and games play a big part in an upbringing of a child. Although toys and games for adults are not unheard of. In fact, adults are more fond of collecting vintage and antique toys and games through various auctions all around the world. Toys have evolved in the past from wood, clay, paper to more sophisticated electric and remote control applications. What is more intriguing is that games are not only psychical but digital these days. There is no doubt in mind that every child loves playing with toys and games and that is the reason why toys and games are popular among buyers in the auction industry. The reminisce of playing with old toys compels adults buyers to revel in their collection. Some of the popular types of toys used by girls are dolls and puzzles, while most of the toys used by boys are guns and airplanes. Some of the popular types antiques and vinatge of toys and games created for adults are ludo and chess. These toys and games are popular all around the world and can be found on the various online platform at auction for sale. One can visit our platform for the antique and vintage toys and games at auction for sale online. Looking for that safe antique and vintage toys and games for sale are available at online auction.

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  • Benjamine Crandall Rocking Horse
    $800 - $1,200

    Benjamine Crandall Rocking Horse

    $800 - $1,200
    New England Auctions
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