Raymond Duchamp-Villon

French, 1876-1918. Born Pierre-Maurice-Raymond Duchamp, in France, Raymond Duchamp-Villon was a French sculptor who pioneered the application of Cubism in sculpture. After his illness forced him to quit medical school, he turned his hobby of sculpting into a full-time career where he worked closely with his brothers, artists Jacques Villon and Marcel Duchamp. Auguste Rodin’s figurative sculptures influenced the works of Duchamp-Villon during the early days of his career. Later, he progressed to a simplified, geometric and abstract representation of objects increasingly employing the Cubist techniques of sculpting. His 1914 masterpiece, Horse, best describes his style of integrating space into a mass work using geometric essentials.

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    Manner of Raymond Duchamp-Villon, bronze sculpture

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    Jacques Villon, "La Tete", Signed Lithograph

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    Transition. A Quarterly Reviewn. 21 The Hague, Eugene J...