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Autumn Asian Art Auctions

By Anthony Wu, Asian Art Specialist and Consultant

Sep 08,2016 | 16:50 EDT

Next Week’s Asia Week events in New York City mark the unofficial start of the Fall Asian art season. With numerous sales occurring at the international auction houses, every collector, dealer and Asian Art lover is searching for the hottest new market trend.

Not to be outdone, September marks the beginning of the Asian Art season for many American regional auction houses. Brunk Auctions in Asheville, North Carolina will be holding their Asian Art sale September 15-16. This auction includes 700 works of art from China, India and South East Asia. Of note is their extensive collection of Japanese artworks formerly from Commander USNR (Ret.) Wayne S. and Mrs. Lydia B. Shiver. 

A Pair of Shrine Temple Carved Wood Shi-Shi Lions Japanese in Brunk Auctions September 15, 2016 auction

This grouping contains porcelain, ceramics, woodblock prints and decorative arts, including lot 40, a dynamic Pair of Shrine Temple Wood Carved Shi-Shi Lions. Most probably from the 19th Century, these large and attractive guardian Buddhist lions would have decorated the interior of a Japanese temple. With fierce expressions and detailed fur, they have an attractive estimate of 1,200-2,400 USD

Pair of White Marble Lions with Dragon Heads, Ba Xia in Skinners upcoming September 16, 2016 auction

On September 16, Skinner in Boston, Massachusetts will be holding their Asian Works of Art sale. Featuring roughly 750 lots from China, Japan, India and the Islamic World, the sale will have something for every level of collector. Their highlight is lot 84, a Pair of White Marble Lions with Dragon Heads, Ba Xia possibly from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). These monumental Chinese mythical beasts are 41 inches in length and are realistically carved. Despite slumping over the platform base, they still maintain a powerful presence in their musculature and fearsome faces. They carry an estimate of 40,000-60,000 USD.

A Khmer Sandstone Figure of Lakshmie in Leslie Hindman Auctioneers September 26, 2016 auction

Finally, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers from Chicago, Illinois will be having their Asian Works of Art sale on September 26. Despite a strong Chinese presence in the 637 lot sale, one of their focuses is lot 348, A Khmer Sandstone Figure of Lakshmie. Married to Vishnu, she is the Hindu goddess of wealth and virtue. The figure wears a traditional sampot and has stylistic features consistent with her 10th-12th Century dating. She comes from the collection of Jean-Philippe Nefve of Hinsdale IL, and is estimated at 20,000-40,000 USD.

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