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Make Room: Affordable Apt. Finds at Auction!

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Aug 12,2017 | 10:00 EDT

There are many ways to go about decorating an apartment. You can point and order when paging through a magazine, press your nose against a window and dream about taking it all home or you can exercise the clever method of snatching items off the auction block. 

If you've never bid at auction before, this month would be the perfect time to start. We've selected oodles of affordable home goods that will inspire you to ditch the old for...the cooler old...in your first, second (or anytime) apartment. Just because your square footage is limited, that doesn't mean your taste has to suffer - our auction finds range from MCM dining sets to colorful antique vending machines.

There are two design elements that go a long way in small spaces - bright colors and wheels. Pairing flashy oddities with elegant neutrals, like a vintage tulip table, can elevate your pad in a snap. 

Top Row: Lot 1917, Andrew World, Two-seat settee; Starting at $70 / Lot 2273, Iggy Pop Vintage Posters (1979/1980); Starting at $70 

Bottom Row: Lot 2058, Industrial Rolling and Adjustable Shelving Unit; Starting at $150 / Lot 2546, Tulip style coffee table, USA, 1960s; Starting at $70

Hey fellas, this ones for you. Looking for that retro garage + professional loft vibe? Switch to space age table lamps and the carbonated creativity of advertisement art. 

Top Row: Lot 2988, George Nelson; Herman Miller, Sliding door cabinet; Starting at $300 / Lot 2986, Eames Style, Tilt/swivel lounge chair, ca.1960s; Starting at $70

Bottom Row: Lot 2842, Stemlite, Mushroom table lamp, ca. 1970s; Starting at $100 / Lot 405, Pepsi-Cola Double Dot Round Celluloid Sign, ca. 1945; Starting at $50

You can get edgy or well-rounded! Look for interesting textures and dramatic shapes when considering the mood of your little oasis.

Top Row: Lot 2419, Style of Mies Van Der Rohe, Armchairs; Starting at $125 / Lot 2887, David Row, Lithograph; Starting at $200

Bottom Row: Lot 2941, Richard Judd, Spiral Table; Starting at $125 / Lot 2705, Contemporary, Brutalist side tables; Starting at $125

The kitchen (where we magically spend 99.9% of our time) should not only be fun to play around in, it should also work for you. Remember what we said about wheels? What if you could bring your kitchen into your living room? (Or bedroom, were not judging) Also, who says you cant turn a pink 1930s vending machine into a goldfish bowl?

Top Row: Lot 2545, Harry Bertoia; Knoll Inc, Dining set, 1970-80s; Starting at $125 / Lot 1834, Modern Chef's Cart, USA, ca.1970s; Starting at $250

Bottom Row: Lot 1935, Dansk Designs, Teak group of trays, plates and cutting boards; Starting at $100 / Lot 183, Regal Products Co. 1 Cent Bulk Vendor, Pink cast iron; Starting at $100 / Lot 2472, Moser, Set of eight cordials; Starting at $50

Let's call him Buddy. What would apartment life really be like without a friendly pooch? Not only is he 100% allergy free but he lights up!

Lot 409, Bud Light Spuds McKenzie Light Up Dog, St. Louis, ca. 1970; Starting at $25

The key to buying at auction is originality; you can mix and match different eras, repurpose funky antiques, proclaim your love for punk rock and cutting boards or do away with aesthetics all together! Plus, winning one-of-a-kind items for much less than what that little white antique store tag dictates is the glistening cherry on top. 

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