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Make Room: Shaking up Cocktails and Animal Print

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Sep 01,2017 | 14:30 EDT

Introducing animal print at home can be a tricky - you don't want to scare off the neighbors with ferocious taste but wild patterns are unmatched in design divinity. We found an easily accessible living room that sophisticates cocktail hour by adding a splash of nature.

Here's how you can stir up an unforgettable combination of interior ingredients by browsing rare and authentic items on Bidsquare. 

Luckily, one of the central items in this room shot is easily found on Bidsquare in a range of prices and styles. The ever important, bar cart - a special carriage for your precious wine & spirits!

Lot 1100, Art Deco, Bar Cart, Early 20th-Century; Estimate $200 - $400

This Art Deco example goes above and beyond a typical rectangular design. A fully stocked cart like this would make an exceptional host out of all of us with three goblets and sixteen cordials at the ready. Register for Rago Auctions, The Hudson Years: The Collection of Mark McDonald (09/24) to place your bids on this beauty!

Lot 801, Le Corbusier; Cassina, Adjustable "LC4" Chaise Lounge, Italy, 1970s; Sold for $2,625

This Italian breed of lounge chair by iconic designer, Le Corbusier is a favorite in the animal print-furniture kingdom. Click here to browse similar examples previously sold on the platform.

Lot 275, Kashan Rug, Persian, ca. 1920s; Sold for $1,020

Create contrast with your choice in the rug - the deep reds and blues in this Persian rug would be the ideal backdrop to show off the beige upholstered hide of our chaise lounge. Bidsquare catalogs are known for offering exceptional textiles, check out our Rugs & Carpets category to see upcoming selections.

Lot 1143, J.A. Henckels, Rare airplane cocktail shaker, Germany, 1920s; Sold for $9,600

This little baby won't fly away until you pump liquor into its engine! Although we all cant buy genuine collector's items like this rare, 1920s specialty piece, there are plenty of inclusively priced options coming up on Bidsquare.

Lot 223, Benjamin Greenleaf, Portrait of Alexander Wadsworth, Duxbury, Massachusetts, Unsigned, Oil reverse-painted on glass; Sold for $6,765

American folk portraits contain a stiff, jarring quality with a highly stylized aura of mystery. The ominous palettes that depict subjects from centuries past add just the right amount of bitters to this interior. Take a glance at previous examples sold on Bidsquare here.

Lot 597, Blenko Glass, Four Pieces; Sold for $375

Assorted sets of colored glass bottles, like these hand-blown decanters and vases, is an effortless way to create different height levels on your liquor display. Pouring wine or whisky into these would elevate your taste buds and one's personal glass collection. 

Lot 623, Walker Evans, Untitled, Gelatin silver print, printed late 1970s; Sold for $665.50

To juxtapose the Americana folk portrait, try out a black and white photograph. The abstract qualities that are created by simply eliminating color and highlighting composition will neutralize other straightforward landscapes or figurative artworks hanging on a salon-style wall. See other works by Walker Evans here

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