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Make Room: Making a Grand Entrance!

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Dec 22,2017 | 10:00 EST

The face staring back at you has been keeping track for centuries. It strikes a pose of regal importance that rings confident and true. The objects that reside in ones entranceway, like an antique clock, fill significant roles as beacons of arrival and totems of departure.

Once you consider the entryway of your home a symbolic means of passage, choosing those objects can become a deeply personal and worthwhile process.

Entranceway designed by Miles Redd; Photography by Trevor Tondro; Architectural Desigest 2018

Were cutting a corner off the bolt of this newly featured design by Miles Redd from Architectural Digest’s ‘AD 100’ (2018) to help guide us through an arrangement that blends welcoming antiques with everyday things.

Here are some Bidsquare finds that echo the ways and walls of this sparkling entranceway:

Lot 778, French Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock, 19th Century; Sold for $1,364.00

Dont shy away from the old-fashioned opulence of gilt-wood. Much like the Swedish example featured in Redds’ interior, this French cartel clock can anchor a wall in timeless style. Click here to grab onto the moving hands of upcoming clocks at auction

Left to Right: Lot 215, Joan Miro, Lanneau, 1961; Sold for $128; Lot 95, Joan Miro, Oiseau entre deux astres; Sold for $7,560.00

Counteract busy rococo and continental furniture details by adding clean, modern prints into the mix. Artists like Joan Miro and Alexander Calder offer airy, intellectual compositions that won't compete with overarching eclecticism.

Lot 411, Hollywood Regency Wrought Iron Curule Bench; Sold $744.00

Find a unique seat to use when your lacing up your shoes or cleaning your dogs muddy paws. Be on the look out for “Hollywood Regency” designs that provide a blend of antique artistry with 20th-century modernism.

Lot 211, A Large 19th Century Continential Carved Gilt-wood Mirror; Sold for $2,790.00

Those shoes do not go with those pants! Having a large, trusty frame mirror to double-check yourself before you leave is always a good idea. This example, circa 1860, balances well with the ornate, clock placed in the center of our inspiration.

Lot 224, A Pair of Chinese Style Samson Vases Mounted as Lamps; Sold for $1,395.00 

Subtle but not boring! These French, 19th-century lamps decorated with fantasy armorial and enriched with raised enamel decoration, are reminiscent of hand-painted Chinese ceramics vases. Click here to preview the lamps coming up at auction!

Lot 239, A Pair of Louis XV Style Painted Console Tables; Sold for $2,772.00

Toning down antiques, like this Louis XV style console table, with neutral tones of white and soft colorful hues is a great way to appreciate their thoughtful bone structure without overwhelming the room. Click here to browse all upcoming Louis XV designs. 

Left to Right: Lot 529, Finely Crafted Ostrich Skin Umbrella-Form Stand; Sold for $700; Lot 812, A Victorian Brass Umbrella Stand; Sold for $393.75

Face the elements with elegance! From ostrich skin to solid brass, you can mix and match umbrella stands to hold display all of your umbrellas, canes, tennis rackets or whatever else you might want to grab on the go. 

Lot 173, A Neoclassical Style Six-Light Gilt Bronze and Brass Lantern; Sold for $1,575.00

A large, industrial l lantern completes this grand entranceway with a stately poise. Swapping out a crystal chandelier for a simple, Neoclassical option invites a masculine energy against the surrounding, flirty gild-work. 

We encourage you to make your own grand entrance! Click here to preview all of our upcoming auctions to register for and bid in from the comfort of your couch!

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Jessica Helen Weinberg | Senior Content Editor at Bidsquare

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