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Marvelous Portals: The Salon Art + Design 2017

By Jessica Helen Weinberg

Nov 10,2017 | 14:00 EST

NEW YORK, NY | How much does that weigh? This question circled my mind like a pesky little house fly frequently landing on the surface of each titanic object. Everyone is going big at The Salon Art + Design 2017 and the impressive efforts of each exhibitor is impossible to overlook. Exquisite items dwell within their temporary environments, dramatically lit overhead or instead commanding the space and illuminating it themselves. If you are looking to disappear into lavish portals of design then this is the show to see. 

R&Company; Studio 65, Gufram, Bocca, red stretched upholster over foam, 1986 | The Salon Art + Design, 2017

Surrealist outlets like this deeply poetic and hallucinatory set up by R&Company pack a potent pout. Anchored by a lounge in the shape of bright red lips and encased by deep yellow walls, this arrangement feels like a gateway into future realities.

Maison Rapin; Kam Tin, Turquoise cabochons and brass, France, 2016 | The Salon Art + Design 2017

Youll get dizzy with desire over these Kam Tin, turquoise embellished cabinets from Maison Rapin. Stationed in the far right corner of the room, youll be zombie walking over to these textual titans with your hands stretched out to touch.

Lost City Arts; Paul Evans, Copper Studio Table, the 1960s | The Salon Art + Design 2017

Don't forget to look down! Once you make your way around the massive fountain by Arne Julius Jones standing guard for Lost City Arts and into their mid-century modern wonderland, you'll be greeted by a field of Harry Bertoia sculptures and marvels like this hand-hammered, Paul Evans studio coffee table

Todd Merrill Studio; Yard Sale Project, Black Tongue Chaise, UK, 2017 | The Salon Art + Design 2017

Perhaps the most dramatic silhouette in the entire show is the Black Tongue Chaise from Todd Merrill Studio. It lashes out onto passersby like a fast shadow that has somehow assumed a solid form. Rubberized lines sweep around in Shou Sugi Ban black curves to illustrate a high impact experience - and its comfortable to boot!

Gallery FUMI; Johannes Nagel, Untitled, Stoneware/Porcelain, Germany, 2017 | The Salon Art + Design 2017 

Step onto the hardwood floor at Gallery FUMI and observe the serene, independently placed artworks, scattered about like a contemporary Anish Kapoor exhibition. Varying textures from shells and mirrors to porcelain create a fantastical relationship between the objects and your unique pathway in between them.

Wexler Gallery; Alexander Liberman, Aim, Painted Aluminum, 1987 | The Salon Art + Design 2017 

Our friends at Wexler Gallery bring a sophisticated mix of 20th Century artworks and furniture that move in all directions. A crouching set of Orbital seating designs from HAROW dip low to the ground while a painted aluminum sculpture climbs atop itself like an abstract stack of pipes reaching for the ceiling.  

Atmosphere by Amy Lau; Custom Edie/Empire Chandelier by Mary Wallis | The Salon Art + Design, 2017

It's like walking into a plush empyrean cloud...the perfectly titled room Atmosphere by Amy Lau is the first time an interior designer has exhibited in The Salon Art + Design show and its everything it should be. The theme, "New Nouveau" is a play on Art Nouveau influences and Lau whips up a seamless, custom-designed climate complete with glowing chandeliers and an ombre glass chair. 

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It doesn't take long to feel stopped in your tracks at The Salon Art + Design Show this year as it is filled with an astonishing array of awe-inspiring designs from galleries such as Jeff Zimmerman, David Gill, Karl Kemp Antiques, Galerie Chastel-Maréchal, Hostler Burrows and many others. Go! Discover the design portals that await you. 

Click here to learn more about The Salon Art + Design show now on view from November 9th - 13th.

Jessica Helen Weinberg | Senior Content Editor at Bidsquare

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