Auctioneer Press Release Morton Subastas

Mexican Art Auction on October 8 at Morton Subastas

Oct 14,2020 | 11:40 EDT By Morton Subastas

It is difficult to list all of the characteristics that define Mexican art. Our culture is diverse, colorful, naturalistic, abstract, as well as solemn, reflective, and festive, because that is the spirit of the Mexican people. We thrive when faced with complex circumstances, which has been reflected in its artistic manifestations since pre-Hispanic times. Since the beginning of the 20th century we have seen a constant evolution in the expressions of Mexican art, which have made it stand out worldwide and sought after by international collectors, such as the legacy of our remarkable muralists, the artists of the “Ruptura”, or the color of the creators of the isthmus, just to name a few examples.

Lot 128, Arnold Belkin, El diluvio, Acrylic on canvas

This year the auction of Mexican Art at Morton Subastas will be held on Thursday, October 8th, and will be the ideal showcase for all collectors who wish to add the ideal artwork created in Mexico to their collection. It is made up of 231 lots by artists born in our territory, as well as those who made this their second homeland, as many fall in love with the wealth of our natural resources, the beauty and diversity of the landscape, the character of our people, and the magic of our traditions; not only that, but they find inspiration for their artistic creations. Some of these great international artists include Arnold Belkin, Roger von Gunten, Joy Laville, Pedro Friedeberg, and Vicente Gandía.

Lot 76, Ernesto “El Chango” García Cabral, Unsigned, Graphite pencil on paper, Varying sizes

We are also pleased to present a new selection from the Backal Collection and Library, in which we can is represented a very special stage of our history through the strokes of one of the greatest cartoonists, Ernesto “El Chango” García Cabral, whose aesthetic and sense of humor continue to be special to this day.

Morton Subastas invites you to take some time and discover new glimpses of Mexico through the diversity of these artworks, in which you will find stunning creations by the greatest masters of Mexican art, such as José María Velasco, Abel Quezada, Manuel Felguérez, Irma Palacios, Guillermo Meza, and Rodolfo Nieto, who are just a few of the artists included in this selection. We would love to help you choose the ideal piece to add to your life and memories.

By Morton Subastas