Auction Description

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Hess Auction Group
768 Graystone Rd
Manhiem, PA 17545
United States


Buyer’s Premium

Start Premium (%)
$0 18.00

Bid Increments

Price Increments ($)
$0 $5
$50 $10
$200 $25
$500 $50
$1,000 $100
$3,000 $250
$5,000 $500
$10,000 $1,000
$100,000 $2,000


Shipping info***Buyer Pays Shipping Cost Directly to Shipper*** How the shipping process works: 1. You contact The UPS Store at

(717)733-1482 -

(717) 898-9303 -  

 (or a shipper of your own choosing) to arrange shipping. Be sure to provide the shipper with the following information: Your Name, Lot#(s) Purchased, Invoice Total, and the Zip Code to which the items are being shipped. 2. After payment to auction house clears, items are then picked up at Conestoga Auction by the shipper and taken to their facility for packaging and shipment. For larger items, please have the shipper call us to arrange a pick-up time. For smaller items, shippers can pick up items at our gallery between 9AM and 4:00PM Monday through Friday. 3. All items must be picked up, or shipping arrangements made, within two weeks of the day of sale. NOTE: Items left here more than two weeks will incur storage fees at a rate of $5.00 per lot per day (this rate applies to all items regardless of size or value). 4. Once the shipper has your items, please allow 3-5 business days for them to process and package your purchase. If payment for shipping has not yet been made, the shipper will contact you to arrange payment and then ship your items. ALL SHIPPING COSTS ARE PAID DIRECTLY TO SHIPPER. Please note that full payment for your items must be received by Conestoga Auction Company before we will turn your item(s) over to the shipper.All international customers are responsible for their own taxes and tariffs based upon the actual selling price. The declared value can not be of lesser value than purchase price. Once the items are purchased and payment is made to Conestoga Auction. The items will be transported to the UPS store for packing and transit.

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Terms & Conditions

1. All property is sold "as is" and all sales are final. All property is described to the best of our knowledge; however, neither we nor our consignor(s) make any warranties, express or implied, with respect to such property as to the physical condition, quality, rarity, importance, authorship, provenance, medium, period, origin or estimated value of any sold lot. No statement anywhere, whether oral or written, whether made in the catalog or advertisement, bill of sale, gallery posting, announcement or remarks by staff or the auctioneer, shall be a warranty, representation or assumption of liability. All measurements and weights are approximate.
2. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer is the buyer. The auctioneer is the sole determinant as to who is the successful bidder. Once the auctioneer's gavel falls, the successful bidder immediately assumes full risk and responsibility for the purchased lot.
3. Addition to or withdrawal from auction: The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw from auction any of the items listed or to sell items not listed, and also reserves the right to group one or more lots into one or more selling lots or to subdivide into two or more selling lots. Whenever the best interest of the seller will be served, the Auctioneer reserves the right to sell all of the items listed, in bulk.
ON-LINE BIDDING: We are not aware of the Live bids in advance, but only during the time of the auction as they are forwarded to our computer. Conestoga Auction will not be responsible for any omissions, errors or slow communications on absentee bids from On-line. In the event of a tie bid with a floor bidder and an online bidder, the floor bidder will take precedence. The auctioneer's decision in this matter is final.  The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any and all bids. On lots upon which there is a reserve, the Auctioneer shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller and the Seller has the right to protect their own interest.
5. Buyers Premium:   An eighteen percent (18%) in-house Buyer's Premium is added to each item sold to all in-house buyers at the Auction.  An additional three percent (3%) will apply to all online bidders, for a total of 21% Buyer's Premium, is added to each item sold to all Live Auctioneers buyers. A six percent (6%) Pennsylvania Sales Tax will be charged, except to persons with a current Dealer's Sales Tax Exemption Number on file with the Auction Company OR if purchases are being shipped out of state.
PAYMENT: Invoices will be emailed to the successful bidder within two business days of the auction. YOUR PAYMENT IS DUE UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR INVOICE.  Conestoga Auction Co. and John M Hess Auction Service accepts cash and certified checks, VISA, MasterCard & Discover as payment for items purchased. A fee of $50 will be assessed on all returned checks.  (IN HOUSE PICK UPS ONLY) or PayPal, Money Orders, Traveler's Checks, MasterCard, Discover and Visa will be accepted for payment of on-line purchases.  If using PayPal to send payment, please use our email at Items must be paid for within seven (7) days of the auction. Items must be scheduled for removal from our auction facility within fourteen (14) days or be charged a monthly fee of 1.5% of the purchase price. Due to the uncontrollable nature of the delivery of email, if you have participated in an auction, you are encouraged to inquire regarding whether or not you were a successful bidder. Non-receipt of an emailed invoice does not preclude you from your responsibilities for payment. If we do not receive your payment within fourteen (14) business days of the auction, Conestoga Auction Company and John M Hess Auction Service reserves the right to move forward with any and all remedies available to us, including reporting your bad debt to the live auction provider and/or any other related entities and charging your credit card on file. You are responsible for paying in US DOLLAR currency. We will charge you for any differences and any conversion fees if not paid in US DOLLARS. All payment must be made prior to removal from the auction house.
SHIPPING:  Conestoga Auction does not pack or ship any items in house.  Buyer pays shipping cost directly to shipper. All items are sent through the UPS Store, a third party shipping company.  All international customers are responsible for their own taxes and tariffs based upon the actual selling price.  The declared value cannot be of lesser value than purchase price.  Please contact The UPS Store at

(717)733-1482 -

(717) 898-9303 -  

for any shipping inquiries regarding any potential shipping costs prior to the auction or post-auction inquires. Conestoga Auction reserves the right to hold merchandise until payment clears.  Items must be scheduled for removal from our auction facility within fourteen (14) days or be charged a monthly fee of 1.5% of the purchase price.   
9. Please note that all emails received over the weekend will be answered on Monday morning.