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Stick to Style

By Bidsquare

Jul 28,2015 | 11:00 EDT

A great walking stick is a beautiful thing. Typically handmade, they possess an ageless grace and refinement that lends an elevated dignity to their bearers. Somehow, you can’t help but take a man or woman a little more seriously when they have a cane in hand.

On Saturday, August 1, Wickliff Auctioneers will send an estate collection of unique, antique canes and walking sticks under the hammer during their Fine Canes, Walking Sticks, Estate sale. Whether you’re a committed collector or a spirited enthusiast or you hurt your knee shooting hoops, Wickliff are sure to have the walking stick to suit, whatever your needs.

Lot 458 is sure to draw plenty of attention. Presented by Andrew Jackson to the Governor of Kentucky, John Breathitt as thanks for his support in 1832, this stunning piece features a polished handle, is engraved and comes accompanied by a letter from Jackson to Breathitt.

The next piece up for auction, Lot 459, is a cane reported to have belonged to William Henry Harrison. Featuring a spinning silver sphere at its top, the body of the cane was created from a sturdy branch, with nubs of protruding branches sawn off and capped with small silver plaques, each inscribed with a letter, spelling out the name of the owner, "W.H. Harrison".

Lot 468 could be the answer for bidders looking for a change of careers. Made for a famous French thief, this very rare cane features a weighted battering ram at its top, a handle attached to a crow bar for opening doors, tool fits, a lock pick, a candle to see in the dark, and finally, a pistol to get you out of the tightest of jams.

Lot 467 is a marvel in practicality. Unremarkable to the naked eye, this unique surveyors cane separates to reveal a surveyor’s scope, tripod, and a metal cylinder that holds six tools of the trade. It comes with engraved brass collars, and a metal knob style handle.

Look now at the full catalog for Wickliff Auctioneers’ Fine Canes, Walking Sticks, Estate sale.