Alfred Stieglitz

American, 1864-1946. Alfred Stieglitz was a pioneer in 20th century photography and art. He was responsible for pushing photography to new heights in terms of technique and production as well as establishing the medium as fine art. He, along with Edward Steichen and others, created the Photo-Secession Group in 1902 to promote the science and creativity of photography. Stieglitz then opened a gallery space in New York where the group could exhibit their photography alongside European artists such as Picasso and Matisse. Because of this, Stieglitz is credited with bringing Modern art to America. Stieglitz documented the rapid change transpiring around New York between its skyline, industry and people in the beginning of his career. Over time, he transitioned into shooting clouds and protraits, specifically artist Georgia O'Keefe whom he married in 1924. Though his subject matter changed, his fervor to develop the art and sciene of photography was a mainstay throughout his career.

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