Grayson Perry

English, 1960. Grayson Perry is a contemporary artist, broadcaster, and writer. He is famous for his tapestries, design for A House for Essex, cross-dressing, and ceramic vases. He is also well-known for his contemporary art scene observations and analyzing British foibles, fashions, and prejudices. The vases by Grayson Perry often have classical shapes adorned in vibrant colors. They often depict themes differentiating with their attractive appearances. Perry also made documentary television shows. He curated art exhibitions and also presented BBC Reith Lectures in 2013. His work also has a significant autobiographical element. Grayson Perry's artworks also depict his female alter-ego "Claire" and the teddy bear he had during his childhood, "Alan Measles." The autobiographical narratives in Perry's works often feature a difficult childhood. Grayson Perry was born in Chelmsford in the United Kingdom to a working-class family. The artist pursued a foundation course in arts at the Braintree College of Further Education. The artist graduated in 1982 with BA in fine arts from the Portsmouth College of Art and Design. He also enrolled in evening pottery classes. Within a year, Perry was making his trademark vases. Perry won the Turner Prize in 2003 and was the first ceramicist to get the honor. The artist also published The Descent of Man- a well-known book that received wide critical acclaim. The book stresses how masculinity can lead to the destruction of society. Grayson Perry currently resides in London in the United Kingdom and works with Philippa Perry, his wife. Artworks of Grayson Perry at auction are often available with leading auction houses. They are also on display at the Tate Gallery in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Artworks from Grayson Perry for sale are also available online on platforms of leading auction houses. Collectors can find works of Grayson Perry for sale with art dealers and galleries.

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